Can I Write a Book About My Life? Not Famous, Not a Problem!

There are lots of people who want to write a book about their life. They want to tell the story, get all of it on paper, and let the other read about their experience. But they often wonder if there’s any market for such a book. Can you write a book about your life?

Yes, you can write a book about your life. Anyone can. There will always be a market for personal stories so long as the story is good and told in a way that engages your readers. Many people enjoy autobiographies and biographies, so there is always a reason they are in demand.

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Is it Worth Writing a Book About My Life?

So ask yourself, do I have anything worth writing about? If you have had an experience that you feel will benefit people or simply be interesting, writing a book about it is worth doing.

  • Do you want to share the knowledge you have gained with others? Sharing your knowledge mixed in with an exciting story about yourself and how you acquired it could make a fascinating book.
  • Have you experienced something so unique that it would be interesting for others to learn how to do it?  People love to read about unique experiences that others have had, so this could be worth pursuing.
  • Did you have a dream and you achieved it?
  • Are you grieving over the death of a loved one?
  • Did you reach an important goal in life?

Any of those things would be worth sharing with others.

The short version is that many things could be the subject of a book, so think back to what you have experienced and figure out which of those things people might want to read about.

If you have something, then it is absolutely worth the effort of writing a book about it.

Will Others Be Interested In Reading It?

There are over 7 billion people in the world. Lots of them have interesting stories.

Before embarking on writing a book, you need to know if you have something interesting to say and if it will be of interest to others. If you want your book to sell, it needs to contain something meaningful.

To be clear, you do not need to have done something grand and mighty that made a difference to the whole world. You could write about something small when looked at in terms of world history, but it’s still meaningful to you and therefore is likely to be of interest to someone else.

One mistake people make is trying to write about their whole life.

Don’t do this unless the reader really needs to know about it. It should add to the tale, not just be filler to make a short, interesting story into book-length.

It is likely better and will make for a more exciting read about a specific period or event.

For example, head over to amazon and search for biographies about a village. You will find lots of them.

If you moved to an Italian mountain village for a couple of years, you could write about just that narrow period.

It is a good idea to figure out who the audience is for your book before writing a single word. 

If you want your book to reach a broad audience, then it needs to appeal to everyone. On the other hand, if you want it to target people in specific countries or appeal to a specific niche market, you need to understand who would like to read it.

How Do I Start Writing a Book About My Life?

What was the most exciting or memorable period of your life that comes to mind?

That’s an excellent place to start writing about.

Think about it for a few minutes and then write it out briefly if you can. Try and sum up in one or two paragraphs.  Doing this exercise will help analyze whether or not the short story will make an entertaining book.

Sit down and write out a list of key events in your life. They can be significant events or smalls events that somehow made a big impact.

Repeat the process of writing a few brief paragraphs for each item on the list you made of events that impacted you.

Keep writing snippets of stories for any event that comes to mind. Once you have started creating these short pieces, you will likely soon find that several of them fit together nicely. A longer narrative will begin to appear.

You should be able to begin building a story from these events.

So yes, you can write a book about your life, and it’s likely to be interesting and entertaining for others to read if you have something worth writing about.

The benefits of writing an autobiography

Writing an autobiography can be good for you in many ways. When you commit to writing a book, even if it’s only a few pages at the beginning, your mind is taken back to look deep into that story. You’ll remember all those moments and details of your life you may not have thought of for a long time.

The story will help you and your readers to see things from a different viewpoint. It can remind you of the past and allow you to move on in your life. Writing an autobiography is a great way to clear your head, reflect on your actions and plan for the future, and explore yourself more deeply.

While it can be therapeutic for you, it can therefore also do good to other people. For example, if you decide to let other people read about your life, you could help them find inspiration to make a change to improve themselves as well or simply realize that we all have a story worth telling.

Challenges in writing an autobiography.

It can be hard to write a book about your life. First, you have to remember all the events that happened, analyze them and then find some patterns or even meanings in those events.

Writing an autobiography takes time and discipline, so you need to be ready for it. Try to schedule at least one hour of writing every day.

Do not allow yourself excuses like “I’ll write more tomorrow” because you may not feel like writing at all the day after. If you genuinely want to write a book, make sure that it won’t be forgotten in your list of plans.

The best way to avoid procrastinating is to follow the three-step system: plan, do and review. Set aside time for planning, do the writing at the appointed time and then review what you’ve done. If you have a plan for your book, it’s easier to stay motivated and keep going until you finish it.

The main challenge with autobiography is to write about yourself without being too analytical or self-centered. It should be an interesting story that will make other people want to read more.

The secret of writing an autobiography that will be popular is telling a story in a naturally interesting way. 

So writing about yourself is not an easy task, but it can be well worth doing. Just take your time to develop an interesting and valuable narrative that communicates information to your readers and entertains them simultaneously.

Did you plan to write a book about yourself? Then, let us know in the comments below how you are doing!

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