Is Writer a Good Career? Success is Yours to Take!

When many of us imagine becoming a writer, we usually think of becoming novelists. We dream of writing a bestseller, making lots of money and maybe meeting the fans during a book signing. Of course, there are many other types of writing, such as writing articles for magazines and websites but let’s assume you, like most, are aiming for a novelist. So in this context, is a writer a good career?

Yes, writing can be a very good career, but it is also hard to become successful in. Most who become successful start on this path because of their passion for writing rather than just aiming for fame and fortune. If you have a deep love for writing and determination, this a good career.

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What is Success as a Writer?

Many of us would likely agree that you would have to be successful for it to be a good career. But is that true? What is success as a writer anyway?

This is a very personal item, so you need to set your own target and definition of success for you. For example, maybe writing is a secondary job and success for you is simply finishing and publishing a book. Additional income could merely be a bonus on top of this achievement.

For someone else, success is being able to support yourself through full-time writing or possibly nothing less than a bestseller is their definition.

So what defines success for you?

  • Is it fame?
  • Financial security?
  • Successfully publishing a book?
  • Earning a living as a novelist?
  • Working from home?
  • Being able to live your dream?
  • Flexible working schedule and knowing you will be with family whenever you need?
  • All of the above?

What is important to you?

This is really key for figuring out if writing is a promising career for you. There are many benefits to this career, but it may not be suitable for you unless you go in with the proper aims and attitude. If not, you will find yourself frustrated and feeling unfulfilled.

This is your career and you get to define success for you.

How to Make it a Good Career

Ignore the many people on writing forums who tell you that being a writer is not a good career. If you are reading this, you likely already have a passion for the idea, or why else would you be here?

Set out to make sure writing is a good career for you.

Go through this exercise to figure out how you will succeed:

Step 1: Ask yourself what is your idea of success?

Step 2: Write down your big dream. Aim high! What is the ultimate achievement you can imagine reaching?

Step 3: Write down more the specific goals that will move you toward your dream. Think of the significant steps you need to take to get to the lofty goal set above.

Step 4: Break these goals down into a list of specific steps to get to each goal. Aim small! You want the list at this point to be achievable and realistic. Don’t make them too easy for the sake of completing something. Make them things that are achievable if you work at them.

Step 5: Create a plan using the step 4 goals. Layout a more detailed plan of action to progress you toward the big dream. Make the plan so that each small success builds on the previous and moves you toward the next target

Step 6: Begin! Take a look at the first step, figure out what you need to do to get to it and then take action.

Step 7: Review as you progress. Update the plan as needed to keep it working for you.

Your dream or aims could change as you make progress and that is OK. The whole plan should be flexible enough to allow you to adjust it to meet your current needs.

Note that this plan can be as detailed or as general as you want. The most important thing is to make a plan for achieving your goals. Do not underestimate the power of planning and taking action on your goals. The small steps you take to build your dreams are the building blocks of your future.

Remember: Give yourself a pat on the back every time you reach a goal and then start on the next goal.

You’ll find that you will become more productive if you take small steps toward your long-term goals and will be much less likely to quit if you keep achieving small successes along that way.

Creating a simple plan like this will help you make a good career for yourself. Even if you never manage to get to the ultimate dream goal you set for yourself, you will likely have achieved a lot on your journey

Reasons it is a Great Career

Writing can be an excellent career for many reasons.

Some reasons are that it can:

You can start it very easily as a side hustle and develop it into a full-time job later.

It is almost zero cost to start. Just some essential writing tools are required.

You can control your own schedule. You can write anywhere and at any time. Flexibility!

With ebooks via self-publishing and web content, you can make money from this, even as you learn.

You can freelance as well so you can make a bit of extra income while you work on your big novel. Sites and companies are always looking for people to write emails and blog posts, so use your writing skills to make some money.

It is an amazing creative outlet! Many people have stories they would like to share and this is a way to develop them into entertainment for others.

You could make your mark on the world. Maybe your works will become a long-lasting legacy on the world and have an influence on others  for years to come

There are many reasons, but most of them are your own to discover.

Becoming a writer can be a long and complex journey that is different for each of us. I can only give you some guidance to help you along the way and get you started on your own path. I hope this short discussion has given you a positive outlook on writing.

Writing is a great career, and I encourage you to try it seriously. It can be far more rewarding than most people realize.

Good luck on your journey and keep us up to date in the comments below.

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