Is Self-Publishing Worth It? More Money For you?

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Self-publishing is becoming increasingly more popular. People from all walks of life choose this path to share their stories and novels with readers worldwide. However, newer authors have a hard time figuring out if self-publishing is worth it. So is it worth pursuing this rather than a traditional publisher? Self-publishing is absolutely worth it as …

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Cashing in: How Do Authors Get Paid?

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If you are a new author, who has been used to working for a regular paycheck, how an author makes their income might seem odd. A writer clearly earns their living from writing, but they don’t get paid while producing the work. So how do authors get paid? There are several ways to make money …

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How Do I Write a Book About My Life?

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Writing a book about your life can be a daunting and complex effort. It’s hard to know where to start, what to include, and which parts to leave out. How do you tell a compelling, memorable story that will interest people? How do I write a book about my life is difficult for many to …

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Can I Write a Book? Chasing The Dream!

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Writing a book is one of the most common desires that people have, but very few people actually have any idea how to start. The desire to write rarely turns into any action for most people, and the few who do take the first step quickly realize it is far more work than they imagined.  …

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